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Here's a selection of some recent strips! 

(Click on each strip to get a little larger look.)

One small step for a kangaroo, one giant leap for the animal kingdom!
Surveying the scene.
Getting the call - a mission awaits!
Waking up (sort of!).
A new morning - and new adventures!

Meet the gang!

      Here's the weird and wonderful cast of characters of the strip!
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About Z&A

The Amazing Zoot & Algy is many imaginary things – a touch of science-fiction, an air of steampunk, even a dash of psychedelia, and a lot of pure absurdity here and there! 

The strip centers around Zoot, a kangaroo, and Algy, a cat, cast into a surreal world of Greek and Roman columns, other strange art, and more than a few mysteries. They are chosen by a mysterious but friendly entity called the Big Idea, who has randomly selected them to be the founders of a "zoocracy" - the world's first country run by animals - and communicates to them through a statue of Queen Victoria. They are tasked to build a life and build their nation, the Undiscombobulated Republic of Foreka, by searching out other animals and welcoming any they find or that enter their country. They are soon joined by Lol, an over-articulate but well-meaning Malagasy tamandua, and in turn discover the Swamploons, a group of odd but industrious birds at a bizarre swamp, which Fuzz, a somewhat estranged bird, stewards. As time goes on, they welcome Topper, a mouse who enters their airspace via a pig-shaped balloon. Along the way, the Big Idea encourages and guides them through situations that occasionally get complicated but turn out right. Along the way, there's wackiness, laughter - and more than a little love. 
So join in the fun and hilarity with Zoot, Algy, and their weird and wonderful friends!​

The cartoonist

Hi! I’m Lee Arnold, and I’m a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) lecturer at four universities in the greater Tokyo area, specializing in academic English in presentation and writing composition with mainly STEM, but also some liberal arts and social welfare undergraduates. But since 2020, I have been the creator and cartoonist of The Amazing Zoot & Algy when I’m not teaching. 
My influences are the Golden and Modern Age greats - George Herriman of Krazy Kat fame, Charles Schulz, Berke Breathed, and Bill Watterson, along with the underground comix work of Robert Crumb (in style, not in content) and the psychedelic poster artists of the 1960s, such as Rick Griffin, Bonnie MacLean, George Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, and Wes Wilson.  
For relaxation, I like to listen to 1960s garage, psychedelic, and avant-garde rock, as well as jazz, particularly of the classic bebop and modal jazz eras of the 1950s and 1960s. I also enjoy walking around the part of Tokyo where I live (Nerima Ward) to explore unique drinking and eating establishments. I am married with no children, but my wife and I have a “zoo” of our own with a dog (Freddie) and four cats (Tilly, Mugi, Sally, and Czerny). 

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Get in Touch!

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3-22-2 Takanodai

Nerima-ku, Tokyo-to  177-0033

+81 (080) 2257-0954

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